C,mm,n - The Open Source Car 開放協力創作車

Polley W.

C,mm,n (pronounced 'common') is an open source community for sustainable personal mobility. You might think c,mm,n is about a new type of vehicle, and it's true that we are developing a new type of electric car. But c,mm,n is more than that: it is a total mobility concept for the future. Our c,mm,nity is open to anyone with a creative, intelligent and enterprising perspective on mobility issues, and who wants to help create a better world. C,mm,n follows the open source model: as with open source software, we focus our services around the product. Anyone can use it to offer mobility services, just as long as any derived work produced is released back to the community under an open source licence.

中文翻譯 (Polley Wong)

C,mm,n (讀音 'common') 是個可持續發展的個人交通工具開放原始碼社群。你大概會想 c,mm,n 是種新車,的確我們在開發一種新型電力車,但 c,mm,n 不僅僅是這樣,它是一個機動性的概念。我們的 C,mm,n 社群 (C,mm,nity)開放給任何有創意、有才能,或對機動性議題有商業觀點,且想讓世界更美好的人。C,mm,n 遵循了開放原始碼的模式:就像自由軟體一樣,我們的服務集中在產品本身上面。只要人們將變更或修改原著作後所產生的新著作會依開放原始碼授權再釋出回至社會中,任何人都可以使用它提供機動性服務。

觀後雜感 (Polley Wong)

Couple of years ago, a blogger named droger wrote an article (in Traditional Chinese) about how the open source concept is emerging from the software world to the hardware (physical) world. It also mentioned a project held by the Germans called OScar. OScar's concept and the way it's implementing it's philosophy is almost the same as C,mm,n. However, one idea was brought into C,mm,n early in the planning stage, probably early than in OScar, was the enterprise model of the outcome, a car in this case. There are various partners/supporters in various fields for the C,mm,n project, including Netherlands national environment organizations, education institutions, and car leasing companies. That's right, car leasing companies.

The car leasing indistry is finding marketing value on the de-carbon movement happening throughout the world. Car leasing companies working with C,mm,n thinks that, almost every household has one or more vehicles nowadays, wasted resources is parked in garages, too much CO2 and carbon distributed in the air, will push public transportation main stream. And the lease car model will transfer from a day-to-day rent count model, to a one-stop-shop mobility providing model. It's just like the renting bike project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

I'm not an expert in this field, but I am interested in human action and ecology. I've also studied history, and know that aggregation and discretization come in turns. Maybe that theory can be used in this case too, private cars publicizing, and public transportation privatizing. I find this similar to what's happening in the internet world: hardware machines and internet services is aggregating, such as the rise of Cloud Computing, and end users, on the other hand, is holding more and more power(fans) to establish it's own kingdom (Web2.0). I'm absolutely excited, and utterly honored to see, and be part of, how mankind is going to evolve and grow on information sharing in the next decade or two. I can't wait to see it!

多年前droger在其blog (droger的mac心得整理)中有提到開放原始碼的概念逐漸由軟體擴展至硬體設計當中,當時介紹了一叫 OScar 的德國計畫,其所提倡的觀念與發展方式與 C,mm,n 幾乎如出一轍,但 C,mm,n 構思上把商業模式也一併思考進去。這個專案目前由多個荷蘭環境保護機構、教育機構,和汽車租賃公司合作主導並維護。租車公司?沒錯,租車公司。

汽車租賃業在降低碳量的全球趨勢中找到商機。與 C,mm,n 合作的數家租車公司認為:現在幾乎人人有車,甚至在歐美國家一戶人家有兩三輛車,這顯示汽車輛過甚,多餘的資源被停放在各家車庫中,過量的二氧化碳和廢碳被排放到空氣中,公共交通工具未來將是主流。而租車的模式會由以天數為單位,轉型為以出發地至目的地為單位的計價方式。簡單來說就像高雄租腳踏車一樣,租車業未來會以這樣的型式發展。



C,mm,n及renting bike project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.連結失效