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CC is supporting the Bouchout Declration for Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management by becoming a signatory. The Declaration’s objective is to help make biodiversity data openly available to... 2013.04.25 05:20
RT @fsf Int'l coalition of Internet freedom orgs tells W3C "No #Hollyweb": !fsf !dbd !eff !cc 2013.04.21 01:06
Get your fix of Metal Injection and Creative Commons Metal Music all in one easy-to-use stream. !cc 2013.04.23 01:02
!Copyright thwarts creator's choice: Fox #Censors Cory @doctorow ’s “Homeland” Novel From #Google !CreativeCommons 2014.06.24 00:30 / CC BY-SA One year ago, CC announced the Affiliate Project Grants to support and expand CC’s global network of dedicated experts. With a little help from Google, we were able to... 2014.05.22 01:47
Aurélie Filippetti – Salon du Livre 2014 / ActuaLitté / CC BY-SA In late 2013, we blogged about a set of initiatives that French minister of culture and communications Aurélie Filippetti had... 2014.06.18 00:48
Since our last comprehensive update, the School of Open has been creating new courses, planning continent-wide launches, conducting research, and making itself over. New Web Space We have a new web... 2013.03.15 19:14
Nueva reseña: Memories Lab - Stronger than Hate (metal progresivo, melódico y variado) !ccmusic !metal !cc 2013.03.23 13:53
not to bring up a new thread, but yes, anyone can write a license. Not just anyone can write a license for someone else though. 2014.05.15 02:57
Ryan Merkley / Rannie Turingan / CC0 Download the press release (67 KB PDF) Mountain View, CA May 14, 2014: The board of directors of Creative Commons is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan...
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