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Community 2013.04.21 01:19
RT @snapl Get your fix of Metal Injection and Creative Commons Metal Music all in one easy-to-use stream. !cc 2013.03.22 20:18
!cc !music !listen New CerebralRift Article: CCTrax 2014.06.03 02:56
This post with invaluable assistance from the CC legal and policy teams. Text and data mining (TDM) is becoming an increasingly important scientific technique for analyzing large amounts of data. The... 2014.07.23 06:04
Project 365 #303: 301009 Blink And You’ll Miss It! / Pete / CC BY Another run of School of Open courses is starting up in August, September and October! The first course to kick things off is a... 2014.07.03 03:31
Today, we’re excited to launch our new annual report, The future is open. In this report, you’ll learn about: Why the 4.0 CC licenses were a truly global effort. The astounding... 2013.03.23 13:56
people make oral contracts all the time. An oral copyright license is enforceable. I'm not advocating for oral licensin… 2013.03.23 20:38
without* 2013.04.25 04:15
RT @fsf Int'l coalition of Internet freedom orgs tells W3C "No #Hollyweb": !fsf !dbd !eff !cc 2013.04.25 05:23
RT @fsf Int'l coalition of Internet freedom orgs tells W3C "No #Hollyweb": !fsf !dbd !eff !cc
CC Brazil 2012.04.11 10:00
Todos os estudos publicados pelo Banco Mundial poderão ser livremente acessados, redistribuídos e retrabalhados: a partir de julho de 2012, o licenciamento em Creative Commons será padrão para toda...
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